1st month cupcakes

June 24, 2014
Ordered the cupcakes for my Baby Siopao's 1st Month Birthday from Wishful Cakes.  They are the cutest cupcakes ever! A dozen costs $36. Good value for money indeed!

I ordered 4 dozens (2 for my officemates and 2 for Duckie's officemates). There was just a minor hiccup when the cupcakes were packed in 24s instead of 12s. 24s was a huge box and it was near impossible to carry it through public commute esp during peak hours.

I had to rush to Phoon Huat at Hougang to repack the cupcakes. Unfortunately, they only had 4s. 6s would have been perfect. But the 4s were just nice. It actually looked cuter than packed in the 24s. 5 pcs of the 4s box cost $3.60 so I got 2 and now I have 8 cupcakes left at home. It was just troublesome since I had to go out again and take cab to Hougang and back (to save time since my nanny would be left alone at home with 2 kids).

Here's how the cupcakes looked at 4s:

The moral of the story is to be very clear when ordering to avoid further expenses and inconvenience. :)

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