June 03, 2014
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Mamon is every parent's dream baby. He sleeps all through the night. No crying. No tantrums. He sleeps around 8-830pm, wakes up around 530am. Gives me a tap and a smile. Sits and plays with his pillows till I'm ready to pick him up around 6-615am. We watch some educational video and sing till around 7am. I hand him over to his nanny, then he takes his milk while I take my breakfast. I bathe him before I prepare to go to work. He would play with his toys on his playpen while watching Disney Junior. By the time I'm ready to go to work he would finished with his breakfast. He would walk me to the elevator and give me the sweetest smile. I watch over him through CCTV. He would sleep around 930-11am. Have lunch then play a bit before sleeping again around 130-330pm. Another round of milk and playing before he takes a quick nap, 530-600pm. He's fully charged up and ready for dinner by 6pm. His nanny would wash him up and he's ready for bed by 7pm.  He has the widest smile and would jump in excitement as I open the door around 715pm. Ready to give me the biggest hugglemonster hug. His dad plays with him until he's tired and ready for another round of milk around 8pm before dozing off to dreamland.

Now, we got Siopao. I'm a bit worried about Siopao. He screams and cries a lot. Unlike Mamon, he's up all night. Squirming and screaming every 1.5 hours. He's extra sensitive to noise too!

I'm on maternity leave for 16 weeks. After that, I'll have to go back to work (too expensive city to live in! One working family member isn't enough.)

I'm worried about my nanny. Would she be able to cope? What if the 2 babies cry at the same time?

But I'm apprehensive in getting 2 nannies:

1. Our house is too small. It's already too crowded as it is.
2. 2 nannies would also mean additional cost.
3. 2 nannies could cause friction between the 2.
4. 2 nannies could cause them to be too relaxed and might result to negative instead of positive attitude towards the kids.

I'm torn. Should I hire another nanny? Enrolling Mamon to daycare seems to be far fetched idea. I'm afraid of foot and mouth disease that kids here get from daycare centres. Plus all those horror stories. I feel Mamon is safer at home.

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