A' Truly

August 04, 2014
Finally after months of wait! I got to colour my hair and get rid of all the grey hair!

Got this package from Deal.com.sg
A' Truly Hairworkz Hougang: Shiseido/L'Oreal Hair Colour + Wash & Blow + Basic Treatment

It says it cannot be used on PH or eve of PH but when I called they readily accommodated me on a holiday! What a nice lady to talk to.  I was a bit disappointed though that I had to wait for almost 30 minutes outside the shop because they were fully packed that day. It's a relatively small shop.

Overall experience was really good. The lady was really friendly. The service was really good. I topped up $10 for a better hair treatment after the colouring and it was really worth it. It was like hair spa. :)

The package is only for 1st time customers so it's a bit sad that I'll have to try a different shop next time else I have to pay $146+ for the colouring.

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