Amazon'g experience!

August 15, 2014
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Just want to share an amazing experience with Amazon lately. I've been eye'ing Graco tandem stroller from Amazon for weeks now but every time I try to purchase it, I'm slapped with $$$ shipping fee. I tried to find a cheap shipping alternate but it was really just so expensive.

Amazon has this free shipping promo to Singapore if you reach $125 [LINK] , so I dropped an email to Amazon customer service to inquire why I'm being charged for the shipping when the cost is over $125. Imagine my surprise when they replied and said they would make an exception for me! I thought they would just explain the free shipping clause to me. I was so surprised that I had to email 3 more times to confirm haha.

And now I'm a happy piggy mom! I just ordered Graco and Amazon is refunding me $360++ of the shipping fee. Yahooo!!!

I just want to say.. I LOVE YOU AMAZONNNNN!!!!

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