Ensaymada - (Starbucks)

August 26, 2014
I got this recipe from BHM. And after last Ensaymada experiment I got a lil bit more confidence. (Haha.. never say die!)


1. mix all ingredients and knead until smooth and elastic
2. rest dough until double in size
3. knock down the dough to deflate gas
4. shape log and cut into even sizes
5. shape into ensaymada
6. rest for another 2 hours
7. bake at preheated oven at 150C for 15min
8. cool and ice

I only made half the amount of the recipe. Personally after kneading I rested my dough inside the oven (not on) for about 2 hours), then I placed it into the fridge for another 1.5 hours. Here's my dough when I took it out the fridge:

I then shaped it into ensaymada (I have no mamon mold so I used a cupcake cup). This is about 60g each:

Here's a closer look:

After 15 minutes: it doesn't look soft at all haha

After few more minutes (until the bread has cooled down) here's my super soft ensaymada!

Inside look:

For my icing, I got the recipe from My Fresha-licious:

Butter - 100 g
Cream Cheese - 1/4 c
Icing Sugar - 3/4 c

Beat on low until desired texture is achieved.

I iced the ensaymada and rolled it in cheese!



Anonymous said...

hi. i can't seem to find your recipe for ensaymada bread. i would be glad to learn the recipe from your blog. thanks

Unknown said...

I t really looks great your Ensaymada can i kindly request your recipe i really like tp learn, thanks hope to read more from you.

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