Leche Flan

August 01, 2014

I got the recipe from my friend Len. She makes the best Leche Flan in SG. :)

10 egg yolks
1 can condensed milk
1 tsp coffee (melted in small amount of water)
1/2 can evap milk
sugar (for the caramel)

1. Separate the egg white with the egg yolk. Save the egg white for later use (scrambled egg? meringue?)
2. Add condensed milk in the egg yolk
3. Add evap milk in the mixture.
4. Add coffee in the mixture
5. Beat/mix
6. Set aside
7. Make the caramel by melting granulated sugar in your pan (careful not to burn the sugar)
8. Pour in the mixture
9. Steam for 20-25 minutes

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