Sans Rival

August 10, 2014

Now this was a challenge and a waste of money haha. 

First I followed this Youtube link:

It was the worst idea ever!!!

The buttercream was a total failure. It was sooo runny. I tried to fix it by adding more butter but it didn't do any better. I googled and found a link that says add cornstarch. Well.. it didn't help.

I ended up throwing it (and $$$) and redoing the buttercream.

This time I followed Bake Happy's Procedure.. and it was sooo much better. 

My mistake was that I made too much buttercream because the meringue recipe I followed from The Youtube link which was not good. Then I topped it up with another mistake by forcing to use all the buttercream thinking it will be wasted. 

Ended up with a sans rival with sooo much butter that it was difficult to eat a piece. Overdose!

I'll try it again next time using purely Bake Happy's recipe.

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