Star Magic Ball 2014

September 06, 2014
My newsfeed was full of the Star Magic Ball Gowns last night. So I might as well give my opinion too (haha!)

Photo Credits: PEP, Star Magic, Fashion Pulis

Best Dressed - Winner
Kim Chiu (Dress and Hair & Make Up = Perfection!)

Best Dressed - Runner Ups
Julia Barretto (the hair and make up is too casual for the dress)

Kathryn Bernardo (I don't have a problem with the dress, in fact it's one of the prettiest. I have a problem with her hair and make up. She looked so old and dry?)

Angelica - Simple dress.

Liza (now the dress wasn't particularly amazing, but she was beautiful!) 



Julia Montes (She's proven us that the Adam's family can actually be beautiful!)




Worst Dressed - Winner
Kristel (What the hell?)

Worst Dressed - Runner Ups
Maja (The only good thing here is that she's got a good looking accessory - Gerard). Her Dress is a total fail for me.

Heart - Bad dress (capiz??) and not so good looking date. I have a problem with her plunging neckline and the dress style plus the texture. What the heck was that? Almost made it to worst if not for the horrible dress of the worst dressed.






Bea (from best dressed last year to worst.. what happened?)

Dawn (The thin line between simple and wala lang)

Kim Jones (if you check her IG, she's beautiful.. but then she decided to go with the Adams family)

Megan (spell complicated? and OA?)

Erich (again a fail primarily because of the plunging neckline + glitters = mukhang hostess)

Alex (Snake! Snake! What's with the fabric?)

Jodi (Jodi Jodi,, what's with this clothes? And the hair do?)

Shaina (dress for your age! This is too matronly)

Janella (I expected better that this for her)

Angeline (hair!!!)


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