January 27, 2015
Each family would probably have their own share of this story.

Parents who want rich, educated partner for their kids are often labeled as matapobre. I'm guilty.

But with maturity and recent events I've come to realize its not.

Parents want a responsible partner for their kids. Rich sure. Why not? We give the best to our kids. We want the best for our kids. We work hard to give our kids the best.

Hypocrites would say ok lang poor masaya naman. Well I say you selfish b1tches! Ok lang masaya ka while your parents who worked hard for u suffer see u miserable? Suffer see u exploited? Suffer see your kid become jejemon?

I'm very angry. Pinastudy mo to become a doctor. You don't expect her to pay u back but at least you expect her to take care of herself. Yet the first thing she do is to have s8x and get pregnant. Then to repeat it again after losing the first one without even mourning. Is that even human? Then she get married and live in a shit taking care of a young husband, jobless mil and jobless bro in law. Miserable.

All this while your own aging parents watch you in vain. I won't define happiness as this. 

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