February 22, 2015
Team Bicol but I believe Gov Salceda is OA.

I'm from Bicol. I follow Gov Salceda. In fact, I was impressed by his works despite hearing stuff about him from fellow Bicolanos.

The latest bruhaha about Xian is an overkill. He went to compare the situation with the fallen44. Overkill Gov. Overkill. Xian maybe a primadonna and more but a simple statement should have sufficed. 

Team Marian but I believe Teena stepped out of line.

I'm team Marian all the way. But the posts of her coordinator was in a bad taste.

Fine maybe she didn't mean to imply she was the original, coz she certainly wasn't, of chandelier cakes but the posta cane at a bad time.

Come on. You didn't have to go that low teena. Marian got a great wedding. Heart got a good one too. It's done. Judging which one is better is subjective.

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