The Spa Artisan

February 11, 2015
Thank You The Spa Artisan

When I arrived I waited for about 5minutes for the receptionist to entertain me. She maid me sit and fill up form.

Then my attendant for the day lead me the female locker room handing me the robe and g-string disposable to change to.

It took me a while to change haha. I didn't know how to wear the g 😂

The attendant patiently waited for me at the open cafeteria (or some sort of). It was a bit uncomfy to see male staff loitering around esp that I wasnt decently dressed. They were discrete though. Immediately leaving when they saw me.

Chaeron, my attendant, lead me to this very calming suite. The place was empty, maybe coz it was mid afternoon on a weekday.

She gave me a 15min foot bath in lavander soap. Oh what a calming experience.

She then gave me an hour massage under the UV light that was supposed to have this magical slimming effect. I looove her massaging that I immediately fell asleep. It was neight soft nor hard. It was just the right pressure.

After massage she immediately proceeded with the facial. Not much extraction. Just cleansing and facial massage. But boy! My skin felt super soft after. I felt beautiful too😂. Wish I can share a pix but I'm shy. 

She asked me if I wanted to go for the steam bath but as I was running late I opted not to. What a wasted opportunity!

After the treatment she lead me back to the coffee area. Wonderful tea and sesame crisps was served! I had 2 servings of the tea! It was delicious!

Ok there was a bit of awkwardness when an old ang mo guy came asking me where the sauna was. 

I have never felt this relaxed and beautiful in a LONG time. It was delicious pampering!

And.. worth mentioning.. I LOOOVE that there was no hard selling involved at the treatment. What a delight!

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