February 03, 2015
Image source: Rosehill Design

🐽 My kids PR (permanent residency) were rejected. It's such a disappointment. Both kids were born here in SG. Me and my hubby got stable job. We own our own HDB unit. SG is home.

The rejection was a bit of a show stopper. Now we have to weigh our options. 

🐽 My job is at limbo. Counting to 5 years without any promotion. I watch my colleagues (both deserving and not) climb up while I stay right where I was from the beginning. 

I'd like to think I'm doing well. But the management doesn't see it.

Well now they are thinking of shift work. I've been there and not going back the same track. It's sad though. I wish I get at least one promotion before I leave the company to at least show me I've done the company something good.

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