Big C

March 17, 2015

Whenever the BiG C topic comes around, I would always use Liezel Martinez as an example. I would gush how much I admire her for having fought the Big C and having won... Or so I thought. Her story was an inspiration. Giving us hope that yeah Big C can be beaten.

Then the news about her death. It came as a shock (thought shes healthy already), disappointment (so stem cell didn't cure her), sadness (so young..), fear (she had no symptoms when she first found out she had breast cancer).

She wa 41 when she found out during a normal checkup. I got few years away from that age. My kids are barely 2 and 1. My hubby is hands on dad. But just the thought scares me to death. I had a chat with my sis and told her if one day it happens to me she should send my kids clothes at least once a year. Coz ducki sucks in buying clothes. I hope they get to spend time with my sis too.

Today, more than ever, it taught me that we should cherish every moment we have with our family. God owns our life and we dont know when he would want it back.

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