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March 31, 2015
So I just recently joined Carousell. A customer to customer business concept. It gives you the "high" feeling having sold an item despite actually earning a mere dollar or so. Personally, I feel that its not worth the effort haha.

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But anyway the stuff I sell are wasted goods. I got them (either bought wrongly, by impulse or gifts). Save the earth by not throwing. Get back a small amount. That's it.

Of course it costs me time and effort. Which I try to reduce by arranging meet ups at the mrt stations that I pass by going to and from office.

The entertainment value is there. You can to interact with weirdos that give u a laugh or two. Either amusement, joy or awe (in a weird way haha). I've been in the business for less than a week but here's what I have to share:
- asks about the product (more than 5 times q&a) then drops. No nothing
- deals then cancels last minute (when you are already in the mrt!)
- deals then no reply when you are trying to get confirmation of time
- offers RID--- price. I sell it at $10 you offer $4 WTF! I would rather let it rot or give it away than sell to a weirdo.
- the mega q&a (all details about my products are in the description. Read.)
- asks where you get your items (common! What the hell! See I said it.)
- again the mega q&a then ends with nevermind its too complicated. Auntie are you talking about yourself?
- asks for delivery. I try to sell the diapers that my  kids have outgrown. I sell for $3 leds than the cost I got. < $10 off the market price. And he asks for delivery! What? Seriously? This isn't a venue of big time sellers sir. I'm already losing $21 for the 7 packs. I give u one leg and u want to take the other also. Common

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