May 29, 2015
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Some sort of a virus/bacteria/infection has hit our home. It started with Duckie last Thursday. He was down with fever and colds. Mamon caught it on Friday. He had hard time breathing as his nose was blocked. He was also having flu. I got it on Friday night. By Sat morning I was down so hard that I slept till 1030am.

Things got worse for Duckie. As he ended up stuck at home from Mon till Thu with his face all swollen. Doctor said they will perform CT scan and admit him in the hospital should things don't get better by Thu (yesterday). Luckily for him he's fine now.

Things also got worse for Mamon. He could barely open his eyes from Mon till Wed due to eye discharge. It was so bad he would cry upon waking up. By Wed afternoon he has a small bump on his neck similar to his dad's but at least not as bad.

I wasn't too bad. Mon I started losing my voice. Hoarse hoarser then gone. I could barely talk till last night. It's a bit better today. But my eyes is having discharge like Mamon's since yesterday. My phlegm's coming out so my throat is a bit better. My voice is back too.. although not 100%.

What could be wrong?

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