Parent relationship

May 28, 2015
They say, time is gold. I believe that.
They say, appreciate while your parents are still around. They won't be for long. I believe that. I wanna do that.
They say, let her be. It's what makes her happy. I know that. But I don't want to let her.

I have this love hate relationship with my mom. Maybe in the future I'll be exactly like her. So this post is for me. To remind me of what I don't like. So that I don't do it to my kids in the future.

I know moms want to serve. I do. 
I know moms want to feel important. I probably will want to.

But there's a limit to everything.

You cannot serve until your body cannot take it and you'd get sick.
You cannot serve until the people around you think less of you. 
You cannot serve until you get abused.

Just becoz I scold you doesn't mean I don't want you around. It means I care enough to tell you what's wrong.

Moms have favoritisms.
Whether they accept it or not. It's true.
Whether they choose to or not. It happens.

It's okay but you gotta at least control yourself and be conscious about it. So that those unfavored ones won't feel so bad about it.

Moms go to those who need her most. This is but basic humanity. I would too. Not just as a mom but as a friend or colleague. 

But. Son't drop those who are with you like a hot potato just to run over the other side

Okay so I maybe over reacting about $300 ticket. (Plus plus becoz of the trip coming plus pocket money, taxi and all) But it's beside the point.

The point is that we agreed she would stay at least 2 months. Then less than 15 days she want to go back. Immediately. Did u know that airfares are crazy when you want to travel immediately?

My conscience tells me it's fine. And it really is. I probably shouldn't have made it a big deal. Anyway I'm missing my sister and niece. And I don't feel good too that my niece would be alone with a stranger nanny.

But how do I make a point to my mom not to do this again in the future? She's just too ... I don't know how to say it.

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