Canvassing Mom

June 22, 2015
For the past 2 years I would just buy from Fairprice or Giant. 

But lately I've been smarter about it.Instead of just quickly jumping to FP or Giant, I look around. I do canvassing.

  • Redmart - they give $10 on first purchase and $10 every successful referral
  • Rakuten - they almost always have sale. I find that they have the cheapest Merries diaper.
  • Guardian - I just purchased 2 cans during they recent sale. I got to save about $5 each.
  • Abbott - the website offers 2 free 900g cans for every 4 cans purchased during your child's birthday month. Best deal so far on milk. I also love the $5 vouchers they send out.
  • Lazada - gives $10 for the first purchase.

Others tips:
  • Pasion Card for Points
  • Credit card for rewards
  • Look out for Mall promos (I recently got box from Nex which I now use as storage for my kids toys)
  • Look out for delivery fees. If you can purchase where it's free go for it.

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