Electrical Issues

September 27, 2015
When it rains, it pours. So they say.

Yesterday we came home to a powerless home. Somehow the main power tripped. We tried isolating it to find the faulty equipment but couldn't pick which. 

First suspect was the outlet used by the rice cooker since the entire power went off again when the maid turned on the rice cooker. Moved the a different outlet still the same. Unplugged it. Still tripped. 

Hubby suspected fridge. Turned it off. Still tripped. 

We then suspected the aircon since one of them is faulty. Turned off the main switch. And decided to use portable aircon. When I turned it on, still tripped.

So no choice we called electrician.

At 10pm, he came very prompt. Trip plus investigation is $80. He checked and found the main switch was faulty. Entire bill was $330. Ouch.

He went around and told us that the fridge is faulty and advised us not to turn it on.

Next day, we called fridge repair. Trip plus investigation is $20. Hubby gave him $30 for the difficult effort because he really went to check a lot.

At first he thought its the heater. It costs $280. But when turned on power still tripped. He investigated again and said its the compressor. Like what the electrician the previous night suspected. He advised us against fixing it because compressor costs $500++ Better buy new one with warranty he said.

So today we bought new fridge. I sent email to TC for disposal of the old fridge (ah, what a sad day I loved that fridge.)

Tip: Buy online its cheaper. But the thing is that its difficult to decide online. We were in a hurry so we didn't have luxury to look and see or canvass. Delivery is $50. The fridge was $1.5++

Okay say hello to our new fridge

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