Star Magic Ball 2015

September 12, 2015
Best Dressed 
Image Source: Pep/Rappler

Liza Soberano
The only problem she had was the forced smile. Not feeling well Liza? I guess she's not yet that good of an actress as she clearly could not hide what she was feeling.

Julia Montes
Simple. Clean. Elegant. Beautiful.

Sofia Andres
Wedding gown design. But she carried it well.

Kathryn Bernando
The gown is ok. But her make up made her look much older than she actually is. I'm having doubts whether to put her in best or worst dressed. The dress is really nice but somehow the overall look didn't sit well with Kathryn. 

Dressing up appropriate for the age. Sweet. Simple. 

Worst Dressed

Julia Barretto
Yeah yeah, there are others whose dress were worst. But expectation was very high from her having been one of the best dressed the previous years. The choice of dress this year was just not right. She looked naked and cheap. Ban the stylist.

Maybe. Just maybe if she removed the whatchamacall it skirt.

I don't know what you call this

Dear Sharlene, the world wants to look young. Why are you in a rush to grow up so fast? Enjoy your youth. Dress appropriately.

Needs to differentiate cosplay with balls.

Too much skin. Too much.

Too pretty for her dress. Fire the stylist.

This is NOT Amor Powers level of dressing up. Fire the stylist.

The dress made her look pregnant and chubby.

Too much boobs.

Too much skin.


Bea Alonzo

Isabel Daza

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