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December 16, 2015

This link is supposed to make things easy for OFWs. I see a lot of issues on this page:

1. It's using http not https. Did it pass VA or pen test? Was the server even hardened in the first place.

2. There's chat but it does nothing. You can't interact with the names listed. Do they even change? Are they really logged in?

3. Where is the contact us portion of this website?

4. The site doesnt monitor duplicate entries. In fact, today I paid twice and it didn't warn me. What a rip off.

5. The error messages are not per industry standard. In fact it seems to be on debug mode.

6. The expiry date which is 60 days should be based on travel date not purchase date. Why ask the travel date in the first place if you're not gonna reference it?

7. If you pay twice shouldnt you get 2 OEC? I got one.

8. This point isn't due to the page, its internet banking in the Phil. Why the heck did we call it internet banking if you need to go to the bank branch to enroll??? What the hell is wrong with Bank IT people???

Now who can forward this to the Philippine government. This page is an embarrassment to all the Filipino IT professionals.

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