FDW OWWA renewal

January 19, 2016
Source: http://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg/labor/hsw/oec/

Worker has served continuously for at least two (2) years with the same employer. 

This is an important disclaimer. If FDW has worked less than 2 years for you then you need to go through agency. Last time we paid around ~$300

Will keep this page open as we go through our FDW OWWA renewal



I left message to NTUC for an agent to call me regarding $10k bond. No call back so far. I will call again on Monday.


I prepared the following docs and had Yaya sign them:

  • 2 copies Passport
  • 2 copies IC
  • 1 copy of Employer IC
  • 2 original copies of Employer Undertaking 
  • 2 original copies of Employment Contract for Household Service Workers (Direct)
Note forms found on: (http://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg/forms/)


Since NTUC didnt call me. i decided to call hotline and it proved to be a good decision. I got my maid's bond in less than 7minutes. They will email me soft copy in the next 5minutes and it can be used as original. How cool is that?

The bond costs ~$71 valid for 26months


Went to Philippine Embassy to get the OWWA.

At the gate, say you want to get Contract. Window 1.

We were given OWWA queue number thus wasted 30minutes. Because of that we were forced to wait for an hour. Because hey this is the Philippines. Government employees sleep at lunch time. To save electricity? Nah. They just sunno the concept of shifting. They don't care about the working OFW who are only free at lunch time.

Hey they also need you to fill up OWWA form which I didnt see in the source page. At least they gave us a free page.

Okay they opened the windows 3 minutes before 1pm. Started calling around 1:05pm

Window 1: checked all the details/forms

Cashier: paid $42.50

Window 1: paid $17. Why he didnt take it in the beginning beats me. 

Window 3: paid $34. Why, I don't know. He needed another set of photocopies of the FDW IC and passport.

Window 5: releasing of receipt. 

The contract will be available 5 days later

Again: Things to note:
- embassy is closed from 12pm to 1pm (in fact about 8min before 12pm)
- they don't accept cards or nets
- get queue for Contract
- bring food. In case you be forced to wait like we are now. 
- bring multiple copies of everything. You will be surprised. 

DIY vs Agent Processing


DIY: 2.5hours 

Let's not compute the time used preparing the docs and calling the insurance agent because you're gonna do it whether you use agent or do it yourself. The time to travel to and from embassy should also be excluded because you're gonna have to do the same amount of travelling if you go through Agent.

Agent: 30minutes (last time took me 30minutes)


DIY: ~$100

Agent: $250 (cheapest that I managed to get last time)

Plus the insurance ~$70 which you will have to pay regardless of being DIY or direct.

Of course, I cannot quantify the stress and time so I'll leave it up to you to decide whether to do it yourself or through agent.

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