Happy New Year

January 01, 2016
Image source: Quickmeme

We spent the new year on air because Cebu Pacific flight was delayed. They sent email and called that flight was gonna be earlier than scheduled (830pm changed to 8pm). We were supposed to arrive SG 1155pm. Boarding time was delayed by 30 minutes. Then they let us sit in the plane for about 45 minutes before telling everyone to deplane. Airport was chaotic. Not to mention hot. 

About 1145pm they told us they managed to find new plane and its ready for boarding. And WTH they kept paging us to rush to the boarding gate which is on the opposite side of the airport. The tunnel was there but they didn't open it. Instead, we had to use stairs to go down and stairs to go up the plane. Talk about efficiency.

But then I again. I get what I paid for. Or did I? Cebu Pacific isn't exactly cheap these days. 

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