Pneumonia Round 2

January 26, 2016

Paopao finished Augmentin but his fever, runny nose and coughing persisted. We went back to TMC for another check and this time he was admitted. Dr Ang recommended nebulizing him 4x a day and having drip antibiotics. Poor Paopao. It's his first time in the hospital.

He cried his heart out when they attached the IV on him.. and he kept crying because he wanted to remove all of it on his hands. :(

We stayed in TMC for 3 nights. He was released yesterday but continuing the antibiotics. 

Glad to be home because it was very difficult to sleep and rest in the hospital. The staff just keep coming back and forth disturbing Paopao.

Both kids are now on antibiotics so both are having Diarrhea. :(

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