Not morbid just ready

February 29, 2016

Okay not to be morbid or anything. If I pass away (which I really hope doesnt happen in the next 40 years).

I wish that Mamon would be sent over to stay with my sister Mel. Because I feel she will be able to take care of him as much as I would. I don't want Pao and Mamon apart but this is for Mamon's best welfare. 

I wish Paopao and his dad would come take Mamon for trips regularly so as to keep the bond. 

I wish all my friends would send my kids gifts yearly. Clothes or whatever simple things. Because no one else would be doing it for them if I'm gone.

I wish Mamon and Paopao would grow up loving each other. I wish they would always look out for each others welfare before anything else. May they grow up to be loving, honest and responsible boys.

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