Vice Ganda's anti-Manny tweets

On congress attendance against religious attendance. May punto.

On the requirements of being a senator. May punto.

On being a prophet. I can't judge Manny. Much as I hate those religious talking people he did show change in his ways. At least in the womanizing and gambling ways.

On meeting him in hell. Ah Vice. That is going below the belt.

On hitting Manny with his past mistakes. Ah Vice. You cannot use someone's past against him. Especially if he has already repented and changed.

On Manny's comparison of gays with animals. Yeah agree, it's offensive. To some. But definitely not to you Vice. Di ba you have been comparing yourself with a horse na for so long? So what's the problem? Di ba animal ang horse?

On Manny's opinion against same sex marriage. It's his opinion. See how you react against his comments. You too are very violent about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. 

Manny Pacquaio's apology

He has humbled himself and has apologized for the wrong comparison but not for standing and speaking of what he believes in. That should be enough.

Like you gays, I'm also not giving Manny my vote. But not because of this issue. Because this is a non issue. I'm not giving him my vote because he is not qualified. His main objective for running is to help people. Senate is more than helping. He needs to know how to pass laws. He can continue his charity works even without beingg a senator.

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