Tokyo 2016 - Preparations - Part 2

February 13, 2016
Now that the paper works are almost done. Time to move on to the next prep stage.

Step 1 - Purchase cold wear ✅

Heard spring will be around 8-10. Its pretty cold for us who sleep in an  room at 24degrees.

Ordered jackets from Aliexpress:



We also bought one piece each from Uniqlo during the recent sale. The kids jacket were $19.90 while the adults were $49.90

Update: the aliexpress did not arrive!!! Horrible horrible service!

Step 2: Purchase luggage ✅

Got a big lightweight luggage from Hush Puppies during the recent sale at Suntec. Very happy with our $109 loot.

Step 3: FDW OEC ✅

Can't get it too early. It's only valid 60 days after the issuance. As I've said, Philippine Embassy Singapore thinks the OFWs in Singapore is super free. Okay, let me put a reminder to apply on Feb 10 or later. Huhumm. 🙄

Step 4: Travel insurance✅

I need this especially that we are flying Cebu Pac to Narita. Although high risk because of the 3 hours stop over in Manila on our way back. Suddenly it seems too tight.

I just bought MSIG insurance for the family + the FDW. ~ $120 for 5.

Step 5: Priority Pass ✅

Made a call with Citi to ensure they send the card before Apr 1. Lets see.

Arrived just on time. 2 days before trip. Whew!

Step 6: Disneyland tickets
Booked through carrousell. $55 each adult ticket. Got to save $30 per head. Good deal right?

Step 7:  Prepare luggage ++

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