Best scenes of Descendants of the Sun

Hospital scene
I think I feel in love with SJ at the hospital scene. He was so cute and cool and direct. That exchange with MY was fantastic.

Telephone scene 
I love that SJ was very direct. and love the fact that MY did not play hard to get. Meet now instead of tomorrow. Love.

Then save him
He looked so cool when he said, then save him. Then they starting aiming guns at eachbother.

Prison scene
I was fine until a moment ago. Argh! He wants to break free to comfort her even if he's the one suffering.

Underground scene
I love the part when SJ said she's probably rejecting him 3x. And that she's probably worried sick of him now. Yet, instead of being happy he's worried. That is love.

Apologize or profess love
I love that he was both in command as well as giving options to MY. 

Wine scene
Come on. This has got to be one of the best kissing scenes in the history of Kdrama. And the way he delivered the lines was just superb. These 2 leads have amazing chemistry.

Urk airport scene
He was soooo cool in that scene. 

Speaker scene
I wish he smiled a bit brighter. But its okay. He already made all of us giddy.

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