Challenges pre-japan trip

March 26, 2016
Planning for this Japan trip is proving to be such a challenging thing.

We started with Paopao getting sick and admitted to hospital a week and a half ago. 

Then when he got home Mamon got sick and could not go to school the whole of last week. He is still under antibiotics now. Till now I'm not 100% confident he is well because he keeps crying and seems to be in pain no matter what we do to pacify him. He also just keeps sleeping.

Tuesday I excused myself from boss to go home early because I was feeling sick. I arrived home feeling feverish so I took warm bath and headed to sleep with ice pack on my burning eyes. Woke up about 4hrs later to find my eyes swollen like ive been crying. The next days my eyes still swollen but no discharge and not red. But the next days my eyes were all red like a pontianak. I went to clinic and the doc said to monitor till sat(today). It could be sore eys she says. Yesterday my eyes were swollen but not red. Today its again like pontianak and i'm in q st the clinic again. I wonder if all will be well before friday. 

Can we still make it to Japan?

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