April 27, 2016
Elections is coming. I wish my Facebook friends would limit election related posts and shares to max 1 per day. Seriously annoyed with the flooding!

For fun here are my thoughts:

Best future? Bongbong marcos ( that is if he win VP)
If Duterte win, duterte said he is willing to give it up for Marcos
If Miriam win, no brainer. He is her VP. And she might not be able to survive 6years. I hope she does.
If Binay win, well they are both corrupt. Birds of the same feather flock together
If Poe win, they are siblings?
If Mar win, he wont so its not even worth considering. Anyway 1:4 is low chance.

Karen Davila: won't endorse Mar. Because she hates Korina (lol)

Dongyan: will vote for Poe but will bot campaign because it could be misinterpreted as campaigning for Chiz when they hate Heart! (Lol)

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