Tokyo 2016 - Day 2

April 21, 2016
The flight to Tokyo was on time at 520am.  We reached Tokyo 1125am TKY time. Immigration and baggage was fast and easy. We were done in about 30minutes.

The airbnb place wasnt ready till 3pm, so we decided to stay at the airport for lunch.

First lunch in TKY was amazing. ~1000 yen for such a fantastic meal was well worth it for me.

We purchased Keishi jetliner for (). 3 adults and the 2 kids share with us. It was a quick ~30minutes ride so it wasn't very uncomfortable.

First Mistake: forgetting to buy Suica at the airport

We had to change trains at Nippori. And about 2 stops to our airbnb. We reached around 2pm and the walk to the place was about 10minutes slow walking.

We decided to look around the places near the mrt to familiarize ourselves. Minami Senju is a small place (at least from what I've seen). I would compare it to Khatib mrt haha. There's a supermarket just outside the mrt. There's Denny's, burger king,mcdo. A few minutes walk would bring you to a small shopping place where more choices are available. Big grocery is there too.

After we settled at the airbnb place, we decided to head on to Asakusa for sight seeing. It's one stop away.

Asakusa is ❤️ love. The temple was already closed when we reached the place. But the ambience of the place is really nice. It's like a cold China Town (of SG) with the pretty cherry blossoms! And pretty girls in kimono!

It was soooo cold that my son turned purple after about 10 minutes out of his stroller. Ahaha.. we are from tropical country.

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