Tokyo 2016 - Day 3

May 02, 2016
We planned the whole day for Ueno. And it was a wrong decision to choose a Sunday. Haha. It was so crowded!  Ueno was beautiful but the crowd was so scary. We didn't get to the Ueno zoo because the queue was just crazy. We also couldn't get to a decent restaurant and ended up in a coffee house because of the queue.

We decided to just leave for Shinjuku Gyoen.  And it was BEAUTIFUL. We regretted wasting time with the overcrowded Ueno park. Shinjuku Gyoen was equally beautiful with so much more space and peace. The kids LOVED it... we loved it!

It's sad that we had to leave just around 4pm because the park was closing. We decided to head on to Shinjuku mrt to buy our Romance car tickets for Hakone tomorrow.

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