Tokyo 2016 - Day 7

May 02, 2016
The boys woke up late so we missed the 10am river bus to Odaiba and it was also not a very good day as it was raining quite heavily. We went to Akihabara for a quick shopping and lunch before heading to Odaiba.

Odaiba is LOVE. It was still a bit raining when we got there but it didn't spoil the mood. I wish we had longer time to stay in Odaiba. My hubby managed to get his Gundam toy. The kids got to see the life-size Gundam that Daddy adores so much. Mommy got pictures with the lovely tulips!

We took the river bus back to Asakusa. It was very very nice.

The rain stopped by the time we reached Asakusa so we headed back to the nearest park Sumida Park and had unlimited photo session. Lovely lovely park. Small park but totally lovely.

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