Minecraft Party

July 09, 2016
My nephew is turning 7 and I've been tasked to do his invitation!

I got the idea from Pinterest (who doesn't LOL!)

This is half of a bond paper (cut horizontal). Then I prepared 4x14 black craft paper, 3x13 green craft paper. Then just paste them together!

For the middle flap, I prepared 5x5 white craft paper, 4x4 black craft paper, 3x3 green craft paper where I cut the face of the creeper.

For the actual invitation, I prepared it using Adobe Photoshop.

I printed each invite through Word (3.5x5 inch). To add a bit of fun, I printed my nephew picture twice and place it on top of the print out for 3d effect. At first I was using the thick double sided tape. When it ran out I just use a straw to add volume between the 2 images and I think it was even better than the tape.

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