FDW TB Scare - Part 2

September 01, 2016
The struggle is real.

These past few days has been tough. The next few days will even be tougher.  I have been so dependent on my maid.

She wakes up everyday at 5-530 to clean the house and prepare breakfast. I can either play with the kids or snuggle or read emails while I wait for the boys to wake up at 7. She helps me feed and bath the kids while I prepare for work. She brings my little guy to playgroup and picks him up after 2 hours. She feeds him lunch and makes him take afternoon nap while she do either laundry or rest. Then she picks up my other son from school bus around 430. She feeds both of them.

By the time I reach home she has cleaned both boys and has even prepared delicious dinner.

I have to say I have been very lucky to have her. I'm not sure if I can find anyone as efficient as her. As good to the kids as her. She loved the boys.

I'm devastated in losing her. She's is part of the family.

But I have to set my priorities.

#1 Health for my family. We don't know what activated the TB or if it will be activated again.

#2 Financial concerns if she continues to work here.

#3 Time. We will need to accompany her to hospital for the checkups for the duration of the treatment.

#4 Contract. Her contract is expiring on June.  If we appeal to MOM now, we still will have to do it again on June and it's about 8 months from now. Treatment is 6-9 months. We are not sure if she will be accepted by then.

My problem:
1. Finding new maid that can be as trust worthy as her and as efficient
2. Finding maid asap because my work is suffering.

But my problem is really incomparable with hers. And I'm really sympathetic. :(
1. Losing job.
2. Being sick.
3. Afraid of what's to come. Maybe she won't be able to work abroad anymore. What will happen to her family.

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