Finding new FDW

September 10, 2016
I went through several employement agencies to search or new maid. I searched online and went to both Lucky Plaza and Far East Mall.

Lesson Learned: Go to both places on a Sunday. You can interview the applicant immediately.

Tips given by friends.

  • Those who are immediately available may not be the best option. They are the ones released already either by incompatibility with the previous employer or end contract.
  • If the FDW has been in SG for so long, then the tendency of having more demands is greater. Plus they tend to be hard headed.
  • If the FDW is over 40 then the tendency to have health issues is greater. The stress that comes with it is astronomical.
  • Check the employment history. If the maid change employer very often then it's not a good thing.
I ended up not hiring anyone in SG already. My sister recommended her old nanny which is in the Philippines but still processing her pass.

In the meantime, I have enrolled my youngest to Child care and I have applied half day leave for the rest of the month. Lord have mercy with me on next year's appraisal.

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