Direct Hiring FDW

October 07, 2016
We are applying for our new maid and I find my old post very very useful!

Applicant Interview

This time I interviewed couple of applicants.

1. Previous FDW, she was sent back due to medical reasons. Thyroid issue they said. I had no
concern about thyroid being on the same boat. The problem was that she also had diabetes and that would be an issue. Despite having very good referral I had to reject her.

2. Ready FDW, her papers are ready but they haven't found her employer. I interviewed her online and she seemed like a nice gal. The only issue I have is that the referrer is my mom's gambling buddy. And it seemed like a lot of  dark shades.

3. FDW in Singapore, wow. There are so many ready to transfer maids here in Singapore. The problem here is that they want very high salary and have so many demands not to mention looks fierce. Like they are pros. They actually interviewed me not I interview them.

4. Newbie. My sister again referred her.

We got the newbie. Like our previous maid, she also was currently employed so we couldn't get her soon enough. We had to wait for her for a week to go to the province to get passport. Passport appointment took two weeks (it's fast wait since it's in the province. In Manila, it will be 1-2 months!)


We got her passport 2 weeks later (15 working days), which was today.
Cost PHP1200 (~$35)
Time: ~3 weeks


I applied for her as to get IPA:

I applied on Friday afternoon, received mail to attach our NRIC by Monday morning. I got the approval less than 2 hours later. Unfortunately, I had typo. U put in Capital O instead of zero. I called MOM and was guided to do the change. In less than 30minutes I have the new IPa.

Cost ($30)
Time: ~1 working day


I called NTUC and in less than 15 minutes we were done.
 Such efficiency!

Cost ($263)
Time: ~ 15minutes


I bought her Philippine Airlines ticket so that in case there's any issue we can have it rebooked.

Traveling out of Philippines

The hardest part of this procedure is getting out of the Philippines. The plan was to get all her papers ready here then process her Philippine pass from Philippine Embassy here.

Let me justify why we want this done. It's really just because of 3 simple things.
[1] I take responsibility of the FDW.
[2] Processing here is faster
[3] I find it unfair for the maid to have to lose 6 months salary because of the agency fee.

Our maid was held at the Philippine airport.

Here are some useful info:
- They checked the Facebook of the maid (Roll eyes. If I'm the officer, the fact that she allowed me to check her FB means I don't know my rights. Why the heck would you allow anyone to read your messages --till 2 -3 years before your travel without a warrant?!)
- Threatened her
- Scared her

In the end we waste her PAL ticket and had to redo the entire thing wasting another 1.5 months since it was holiday season in the Philippines.

Step 1. Get an agency here. I paid $1800.

Step 2. Submit all required forms to the agency.

Step 3. The maid went to the Philippine counterpart of the agency for medical checkup.

Step 4. Result is next day.

Step 5. PDOS is scheduled. It's half day event.

Step 6. TESDA training is scheduled. It took almost a week to get the schedule. It's a whole day affair which includes simple test for the FDW.

Step 7. OWA is scheduled. It's another half day event

Step 8. I booked her ticket (one way Cebu Pac)

I actually ended up spending more than if I just picked someone that's already here in SG or if I asked Agency to process her from the beginning. So I leave it to you to decide whether you want to direct hire a maid. I guess if you still want to proceed then you will just have to train her really well.

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