Christmas Wonderland 2016

December 14, 2016
Let me begin by saying that the website was more Christmasy than the actual thing. I felt a bit short changed. It was too expensive for such a simple Christmas experience.

$16 Taxi to Gardens by the Bay
$12 entrance ($6x2)
$32 Snow playground ( I felt like it was a total waste of $$$)
$48 Dinner at Oriental Bistro (1 main, 2 drinks, 2 kids meal) 
$50 Santa picture ($25x2)
$3 Cotton Candy
$5 Lemonaded
$25 Taxi home

~50 per pax (there were 4 of us, 2adults and 2 kids)

I think we wasted the money on the Snow Playground. The wait was too long and the play time was too short.

I think we wasted money at the Oriental Bistro when there was cheaper and rarer things to eat at the Christmas festival near the trees.

Picture with Santa was too expensive but I think we looked good on them so... we bought them. LOL.

I did like the open area where there were Christmas carols. The kids had a nice time running around.

Jupjup was so nice and friendly and she was free!

More information here

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