Delightful Holiday with Tayo and Friends at Downtown East

December 26, 2016
I was having second thoughts of going. I was afraid Daniel wouldn't like a live show noise. And I thought Downtown East was too far. But having nowhere to go yesterday, we decided to catch the last day of Tayo and Friends. We took Bus 88 from our place. I was surprise to get to Pasir Ris in like 30 minutes. That was fast!

We walked a bit far from the MRT to the mall. We didn't bring the stroller and dragging 2 toddlers was such a heavy job. We also had to walk fast as it was starting to rain. All sweaty and all, we arrived and the entrance was old and was starting to feel regretful of going.

Not being familiar with the mall, we just followed the crowd. We end up seeing information counter at the basement (or was it 1st floor). We asked where the Tayo show was going and the kind lady gladly explained where it is and asked if we have purchased $50. We haven't as we just arrive and the show was about to start. She was the best Santa we had! She gave us tickets! Plus a photo op. Sooo happy.

Mamon got a bit startled when the show began but he was fine all through out. I felt he enjoyed it! I even caught him clapping at one point!

The assistants were so nice! During the photo op they agreed for one more picture for us because our helper wanted her own photo with Tayo and Friends! Thank you Downtown East! :)

After the show and photo op we headed to the nearby play area where they gave away free moving photos (gif). So fun!

And the kids had fun coloring!

We had a very nice early dinner at a nearby resto - Herbs. The food was very good and they got a lot of promotions. On weekdays there are some one for one items for students. And since it was public holiday they "only" have free drinks and soup or ice cream. And Mamon was considered a student. How awesome is that! :)

Having spent $41 for our dinner plus $22 for the Tayo boxes, we were entitle to 2 rides in the Tayo Driving Centre. The Tayo staff were really very nice that day. They gave us 2 rides even if the receipt only was $41 because they didn't give us receipt for the Tayo boxes earlier. Yehey for freebies!

 Till next time Downtown East. We will come back to Wild Wild Wet!!!

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