River Safari

December 26, 2016
Our first time at River Safari! Less people than Zoo! We were not expecting much, actually we thought we would stay for an hour an go. But having little expectation is best! :)

We were welcomed by Panda.. The kids were scared but impressed!

The aquariums were huge. At one point, I thought Sim Cheong would pop out. (Paging Legend of the Blue fans!)

Panda was adorable!!!!

The river boat ride was short but very relaxing. We didn't see any animal apart from the Zoo's Giraffes. Lol. Their necks were too long that they can be seen from afar. haha

The fishes were HUGE!

There were more to see at the River Safari apart from the fishes. They have turtles, monkeys, snakes, birds. They have the Dino theme too.

We loved the River Safari even if the kids are not yet qualified to ride the log ride. And even if the food is extremely overpriced! $17.50!!!

Come and bring food. :D

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