December 26, 2016
You're in Singapore. You're bored. You want to relax but not spend too much. Sentosa is the answer. :D

The kids love the hanging bridge at the Palawan beach. It's fun and picture perfect too!

We spent a long time just playing at the big cottage (dunno what you call it). The view was sooo nice! The weather was perfect. It was so refreshing to breath fresh sea air!

It was the boys first time to play in the sea. They didn't like it haha. The sand was too rough and it was more like small stones.

The boys loved playing with the bubbles which the Universal Studios was happy to oblige. Ok. She doesn't look too happy here but trust me she was smiling at us.

Paopao had fun playing with the other kids with the McDo's happy meal free toy at RWS

Boat! Boat! Boat!

Even the boardwalk walk back was so relaxing. Mamon had a nice time. Freedom!

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