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January 15, 2017
The kids wanted to go out. The helper also wanted to go out. I wanted to sleep and rest at home but they outnumbered me. We took bus 109 from home and reached Changi Village Terminal in an hour. It was around 10am so it was hot, luckily it rained a bit on our way thus we didn't have to use our sunblock haha.

Seeing the sea itself is already such a treat. Change Park is beautiful.

Paopao had fun investigating the sand. Checking if there was any snake there.

 There were so many boats around... Nope that's not Big Boss. But it did remind me of him.

I guess Paopao lost track of the count. He tried counting them. But there were too many!

Mamon had particular interest in this tree. I wished they would shape it in heart shape. It's almost heart shape anyway.

Mamon had so much fun running around.

There was a playground. But it was for older kids. And it was so hot that day that the slide was impossible to use. Our helper tried it but got burned. Lol. She wanted to try it.

We didn't stay for a long time as we arrived during the hotest time of the day (always our issue!). But we sure all enjoyed the place. It's beautiful.

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How to get there:
Bus 109 from Serangoon

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