Chinese Garden

January 25, 2017
Brought my kids for play and photoshoot at the Chinese Garden last weekend.

Lessons learned
1. No need to bring drinks. They have a lot of small shops. Well, not a lot. But I've seen two or three.
2. It was a good idea to bring a portable fan.
3. It was good idea to bring sunblock.
4. Be sure to bring insect repellant
5. When taking cab, ask driver to drop you off West entrance. I will explain later.
6. Bring soap for kids and tissue!!!

We took taxi from Buona Vista because I didn't know if the entrance would be near the MRT station. Well, it was very near the MRT. Uncle dropped us off at the West entrance. At first we were disappointed because we were meeting a friend who came by MRT. So it meant we were on the opposite sides of the garden. Luckily, she very kindly came to meet us near the West entrance.

It turned out that West entrance is a good idea especially if you plan to go home by MRT. You just need to walk past the garden. No need to walk back. 😅

Chinese Garden is as beautiful as I remember it. If Singapore had cold weather, it could give Korea and Japan a run for its money.

The first stop we saw was the Tortoise museum.

It's sad that it wasn't properly maintained. Entrance fee is $5 for adults and $3 for kids. The place was small and old. The turtles were not as many as I remembered but it was just as amazing. They were walking around.

I wish the government would do something to help the place. It's too nice to be wasted. Let these pictures speak for the place.

This Confucius statue was majestic

We went to walk near the pond but didn't get to go inside the Pagodas. Another day perhaps.

The view was amazing.

Paopao had the best time running around and enjoying the mini bridges.

The Japanese garden was beautiful. We spent a long time there. Running around and taking pictures. The rest area beside the pond overlooking the bridge was so relaxing.

We decided to rest for a while at the end of the Japanese garden. This view was sure relaxing!

It was about lunch time and was getting too hot that we decided to call it a day. With a promise tocome back and explore more.

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