Chock Full of Beans

January 18, 2017
Number of Pax: 2 adults, 2 kids
Order: Omelet, Benedict, Scrambled
Total Cost : ~ $38
Official Page:

Verdict (1 lowest, 5 highest)
Service : 3.5 (there are always many people but the service is very fast and the staff is helpful)
Taste : 4
Cost : 3

It was a hot day after running and playing around at Changi Beach. We had 2 requirements. Aircon and Baby Chair. We almost gave up and were ready to board the bus to just have lunch at Pasir Ris when my boy suddenly needed a toilet. Haha. No, they don't have toilet. But we saw the shop while looking for one and decided to give it a try.

Ordered this omelet for the boys to share. They barely touched it. I didn't ask what type of bread they serve and it was too late to notice its this bread which Mamon is allergic to.

The helper chose this scrambled egg. But in the end Paopao shared with her because the eggs were moist and was to his taste rather than his omelet.

I had this Benedict which I didn't realize was such a big portion. *not complaining* This was actually very good.

We had to tapaw the omelet plus the salad. So I guess that shows you that the serving is quite generous. :D

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