Punggol Jetty

January 07, 2017
We have been here once before when the kids were younger. But coming back when the kids are bigger is such a good idea. The kids loved running around despite the heat. My Paopao was so happy seeing all the bikers.

It was relaxing to see people actually enjoying nature. Some people were searching for whatever in the water. Shells?

Others were swimming!

Paopao was the first to see and shout Lizard!!!

We wanted to go to Coney Island but we didn't dare rent a bicycle as hubby didn't come with us. My helper doesn;t know how to ride bicycle and I don't think I can pedal for all of us. We walked towards the gate going Coney but didn't proceed to cross. Another day perhaps.

For now, we got contented with the kids running around the sidewalks.

And though the water was not the clearest, it was still relaxing.

Some people were  relaxing in the area where the shops were closed. I guess to take a break from the sun.

Lunch was very good! There were couple of shops opened but I got curious with the longest queue and it didn't disappoint! The white meehon was great! I wished I ordered bigger serving!

We didn't forget about the playground at the 2f. Unfortunately it was soooo hot to enjoy anything.

More Information

How to get there:
Take bus 84 from Punggol interchange

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