Quayside Isle

January 01, 2017
Heard about how the nice the view and ambience was in Quayside so I planned the day with the boys today there.

We took the W shuttle bus from Vivo (they also pickup from Ion or RWS), a friend took Bus 3 from Beach Station. There's another bus to Sentosa Cove where you have to pay, I think $2. The W bus arrived about 10-15 minutes after the scheduled time (10:10am).

We were blessed with nice weather on our visit. It wasn't so hot so we didn't end up being 'sea sticky'.

There's really nothing much to do expect to admire the view. The kids loved running around but I was a bit worried they might slip and fall (in fact I almost did!).

My Paopao was so amazed with the dogs in the area. Some were bigger than him!

There were a lot of food places to chose from (in fact there was even local coffee shop), But, we went for brunch at Kith. Simply coz they had the longest queue. Lol. 

As expected, it wasn't cheap. Haha. $20 for breakfast excluding all charges. They didn't present us with kids menu until we asked which of the meals will be best for kids.

Got the boys pancakes.

And some pasta. We got Carbonara and Butter&Cheese Pasta.

For us, we got ourselves Kith Breakfast. 
It was pretty, it was nice. But not amazing. I wished they put more dressing in the salad. I expected more for the price. :)

After brunch, we went on to play some more. Take more pictures. Paopao trying to blend in with the residents haha.

We took the 2pm shuttle back to Vivo. With Paopao and Dandan promising to be back.. to have more expensive brunch and admire the big boats! (Paopao tune)

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