Sea Aquarium

January 16, 2017
It's our first time at the Sea Aquarium. I didn't realize you can go in the building without paying first. At least  a glimpse of what's inside.

We had 2 free tickets with our Staycation package at the Festive Hotel so I purchased another one online for our helper ($23) plus $8 for the Pokemon Experience.

The entrance of the Sea Aquarium wasn't impressive. It was like a museum... we began being disappointed until we were greeted the sharks! Sharks everywhere!

Paopao loved the jelly fishes, octopus and dolphins apart from the sharks

I loved the huge aquarium and wished I could have stayed longer to just stare at the fishes.

The kids were too young and we were too old to enjoy the Pokemon experience. I'd recommend to skip it and save your $8.

Proceed if you want a picture with the Pikachu mascot.

Overall, Sea Aquarium was a good experience. Paopao would have spent the whole day there if given a choice. It was almost like the River Safari but colder. Paopao particularly loved the sharks, dolphins, jelly fishes and octopus. 

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