Swensen's Weekday Happy Hour

January 30, 2017
Number of Pax: 2 adults, 1 toddler
Order: 2 Banana Split, 1 pizza, 1 lasagna
Total Cost : ~ $30
Official Page: http://www.swensens.com.sg/promotions/945-happy-weekdays
Location/Branch: Compass Point

Verdict (1 lowest, 5 highest)
Service : 3  (Because of the promo the area was packed with people thus service was slow. usually they serve water and the utensils quite fast that day we had to wait for quite some time to get it)
Taste : 4
Cost : 5

What can beat a one for one? Haha my kid had the fun of his life eating this banana split on his own! Thank you Swensens. :)

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