Breaking Up

February 15, 2017
For a person so concern of privacy why am I blogging in the Public. A part of me hopes that he reads this. A part of me hopes that the people concerned read this.

I may take it out in the future.. I don't know. Who knows.

Love. Love was never the question. I loved as much I know how to love.

I of course wanted to be loved back. Who doesn't.

I thought he doesn't know how to show it. So for years I let it be.

When I finally saw he can do it with another person.. then isn't it normal for me to get jealous?

From all this bruhaha.

Do you know the weirdest thing?

I am willing to forgive.

I just had to hear him say I love you.

But he wouldn't. Because maybe he doesn't anymore.

With that. It's all on me. I have to teach myself to let it go. Move on. Be happy without him.

Can I? Sure I can. But I need time. And I have to start it now.

Unfortunately, fairy tales don't always have happy endings.

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