February 12, 2017
Cheating doesn't mean you have to kiss, meet or have sex with someone else... Once you find yourself deleting messages so your partner will not see them, then you already are there.

I was so angry last Friday when I sent gift and he asked me if it came from me. Two things: 
1. Like he was expecting someone else to send it to him.
2. He completely forgot our 10th year wedding anniversary (which I expected him to forget because that's just his personality)

When I burst out and accused him of everything that I know he just kept quite. Nothing. No apology. 

I seriously don't get it. When you are no longer happy in the relationship. Don't make it complicated by staying. Just leave. It's not my fault that the other girl is married with 3 kids. It's their problem. Don't involve me.

If you would just be honest. Then ask for release. Ask like an adult. Then you will be released. Like an adult. But when you hide and cheat. Then you can't expect me to stand and act like dumb.

I saw improvements after the fight last Friday. I will continue to monitor. If things don't change. I will call the girl's husband. And call their HR. They want a fight. I'll give them one.

If I'm wrong... then why not just tell me rather than keep quite? Sometimes people complicate matters by not talking. Hold my hand. Tell me I'm wrong.

If I didn't have enough evidences, I would have hold your hand and ask to fix whatever is left to fix. But now.. my heart is broken. It will take time to return the trust. 

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