February 27, 2017
Chijmes has never really hit me as family friendly. I equated it to adult playground. Not the sexual adult thing haha. Just the normal food and drinks place. But having nowhere to go after my kids haircut at Suntec, we decided to go Jalan Jalan from Suntec till we reached Chijmes

Jalan jalan on Sunday is usually to bring out our helper. It's her off but she don't have much friends so I took it upon myself to bring her out. And also for the kids to enjoy as there's really nothing much to do at home. I also want to expose Mamon to the noise and chaos around so that he get used to it and avoid being afraid of it.

From Suntec, We crossed the road towards South Beach Building and chanced upon JW Marriott.

The door caught our attention so we went nearer for better view. Paopao started dancing haha. I guess the wall was like music for him.

And we couldn't stop taking pictures!

He met this cute friend too.

we went for some picture taking at the beautiful Raffles Hotel. There are couple of benches there with small fountains. Super cozy. A lot of ang mo were sitting and reading. It was very relaxing ambience.

We disn't want to disturb their zen so we didn't stay for long and crossed the road to Chijmes. Was planning to take a few pictures and head home.

But lo and behold. In the middle of Chijmes was like another small oasis! It felt like a small park. There was a small bouncing playground. People on the grass having picnic. Mostly ang mo. It felt very family friendly place!

Oh what a simple bouncing house can make a difference in the place!

Both boys loved bouncing! Should I rent one for their birthday?

Paopao had no issue mingling with the locals. Lol.

We checked the sign to make sure we are not crashing a private party.

The sound was goin on and off and we decided to investigate why. The naughty Paopao saw some other kids turning off the power so he decided to try it too. Geez. Kids.

The kids alternated bouncing and running.

Beautiful view. Happy kids. Happy parents.

The boys had so much fun!!! And us too! Beautiful Chijmes. We will be back for more fun afternoon.

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